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Bringing your idea to life with SBJ Digital’s team that create innovative digital solutions on Omni-channels.

Our vision is to help you build stunning websites that offer resolute UX design solutions to drive traffic and conversions through the design. Unlike other firms who just set on to start working on the design of the website, our team conducts thorough research of the target audience to know their pain points and wants. Using those insights, we create a website that relates to the product and also addresses the needs and concerns of the users.

Feedbacks are vital when you are building something that may attract thousands of visitors on a day. To develop and finalise the design of the website, our expert UX Designers will develop wireframes and prototype, so that the feedback can be put to some good use. As a client, you may suggest all the things that you need us to change in the mockups and our designers will implement that in the product once they get approval from you.

Testing the prototype with the end-users is what our team of professionals feel doing to get validation on the design and interaction segment. By gauging the satisfaction of the visitors’ accessibility, they improve the features, if any. This happens under multiple training sessions and is the final step that is performed before they put their efforts into building the real website that you ever dreamt off. SBJ Digital takes care of your every need by providing comprehensive business solutions.

Our Offerings

Our team has helped various organisations to achieve tangible results driven through holistic US design solutions.
Design Sprint Methodology

We break traditions to make this world a better and easier place. So, unlike others, we do not waste the time of our team by setting them up in endless meeting streams that don’t particularly help deliver the result. Rather we accelerate the process by rapidly designing the prototype to reduce the delivery time. This process allows our experts to gain an initial direction and through this, they identify and remove unnecessary features in a compressed time frame. A flexible framework is always beneficial is solving different types of problems.

Custom Web Application Design

The engagement rate on your website is a metric that is simply unavoidable. As long as your visitors are not engaging with the available content on the website, it becomes quite difficult to attract new visitors and gain their confidence. With our customised web application design, you can help your visitors as we create a beautiful and fully responsive website that is meant for making an impact on the journey of the visitor on your website. A website that connects to the user the moment they land on your page is all that you need and our team will help you get there.

Design for Android & iOS App

A report shows that 74.3% of people use Android and 24.76% of people use iOS as an operating system. In order to reach new heights in your industry, you need to cater to the different audience group. Let us build you unique solutions for Android as well as iOS mobile applications with a light design that will not take much time to load. Our UX designers have years of experience in integrating the latest features to the application that you need to create. Build the best onboarding experience for your visitors.

Visual Design

User experience lies at the core of online product development. Analysing the current trends of the market and your industry helps in gathering insights and data that later on help in transforming our design and development decisions. Only building a website with stunning accessibility is not going to drive conversions. At SBJ Digital, we ensure that along with the visual design, the product as a whole is offering additional value to your business and to the visitors. In-depth knowledge and years of experience in using the right set of tools are what sets our team apart.

Why Should you Choose us for your UX Design Services?

At SBJ Digital, we understand that no two projects are the same and hence, we pick every project and treat them uniquely
Exceptional Digital Design

Whether you are a startup or a unicorn or a fully established organisation – our team has worked for each one of them and have driven results for driving the business goals. We will build you a website that will become easier for you to manage and easier for your visitors to browse through. Our design will help the visitors make their decision and it will also guide them to take the final action that will drive the revenue of your business.

Concept Visualisation

As designers we know to communicate the brand story visually to make an immediate impact on the visitor. Bringing ideas to life is not an easy task and our team works constantly to improve and enhance the quality of solutions they choose to offer to our clients. Making a good impression is the first thing that you need to do and we have extensive experience in this. 

Expert UX Strategy

We evaluate the results that we get after testing the prototypes. Based on the evaluations, and competitor benchmarking, we design concrete digital UX strategy to develop the final website design. We prefer to run the test with your customers to understand and address the issues they are facing while browsing through your site or service.

Light UI Design

The loading time of your website must be quick. It shouldn’t hang the customers mid-way as it causes a catastrophic impact on the visitors’ journey on your website. We will build your feather-light website designs that will launch in the blink of an eye to maximise your chances of boosting the revenue. 

Reach out to us

We understand the theory beyond the website design. SBJ Digital has been successful in understanding the way people interact with the website and how much it matters to a business. We can help you to increase your customer base significantly through our data-driven consulting. All you need to do is, reach out to us. We will discuss your needs and the strategy that we may have to implement to reach certain milestones. Let us start the journey of growth together. Let us be your partner in growth.
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