The FindMeExpert solution was built to give a platform to all those persons or organizations who want to share their knowledge worldwide. The web app has been developed in the Laravel 5 framework, MySQL, and Bootstrap 3. It has the ability of an admin panel based on user roles and access rules from where one can add the tutorials and another can access and learn from it. A tutor can create a number of playlists of their videos and decide the subscription price for the end-users.



  The Flying Chalks web app developed in the Laravel 4 and MySQL database. It is a consultation website for students who are already studying abroad or want to study abroad. Flying Chalks is a global Study Abroad Specialist, conceived with the mission to make studying abroad as easy and accessible for students worldwide. It helps students to pursue their studies overseas; ranging from consultations and school applications, to VISA assistance and accommodation placement.



BOB Teams web app was built in Laravel 4 and it is a task management platform wherethe admin can assign tasks to the managers and the managers will sub-assign the sameto the lower-level workers. So, the idea behind the app is to assign and manage theexecution of the tasks in an organization based on the hierarchy of responsibility.



The Treiner web app is an advanced marketplace which is providing all skills level coaches to provide an opportunity for the players to increase their abilities, learn new skills and become better players both on and off the field. It was built in Laravel 5 and MySQL. It has a variety of interesting features like independent admin panels for both types of users.

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