The Victory Step Education web app developed in the CodeIgniter and MySQL database. It is a tutorials website for students who are already studying or want to improve their skills in a specific subject. It offers different tiers or levels of instructor pricing based on experience and/or talent, Victory Step Education has only one kind of instructor.



  The Flying Chalks web app developed in the Laravel 4 and MySQL database. It is a consultation website for students who are already studying abroad or want to study abroad. Flying Chalks is a global Study Abroad Specialist, conceived with the mission to make studying abroad as easy and accessible for students worldwide. It helps students to pursue their studies overseas; ranging from consultations and school applications, to VISA assistance and accommodation placement.



BOB Teams web app was built in Laravel 4 and it is a task management platform wherethe admin can assign tasks to the managers and the managers will sub-assign the sameto the lower-level workers. So, the idea behind the app is to assign and manage theexecution of the tasks in an organization based on the hierarchy of responsibility.



  Its Mission is to allow independent artists the ability to have a platform to publish their content and connect with others passionate about their artistic endeavors. For artists, Tellyvizion is your one-stop- shop for creating, managing and sharing your work with the world - whether it be your music, stand-up comedy skit, or anything else you’re passionate about creating. Utilize Tellyvizion to monetize, analyze and televize your creations For viewers, Tellyvizion is your one-stop- shop for independent entertainment. Tellyvizion is dedicated to providing you with top notch content from a diverse group of artists. You can follow your favorite artists, send them donations, and contact them for an upcoming gig directly through Tellyvizion.

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