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Take your business to the next level by delivering groceries to your customers at home. 

Easy to Use Grocery app for your growing business.

Your App and Website will be Customised according to your business needs.

How it works

Rapid and Convenient Delivery of Groceries.

Delight your customers by delivering their groceries to their doorstep and help them in maintaining the social distance. Keep your customers safe and happy

Using amazing features of this app you can expand your market and give yourself an added advantage over your competitors.

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Bring your store online and start selling

Get a Tailor made solution for your Grocery Business

Let your customers order their groceries from the comfort of their homes. 

Grocery Delivery App Solution for all.

Whether you are running a small grocery store or you are looking to expand your business to other cities, we have a solution that will be tailor-made for your business.

Single Grocery Store

Get your store online and let your customers enjoy your services from the comfort of their homes by letting them order groceries from their beloved mobile phones. Keep your Customers engaged by providing exciting new deals.

Grocery Marketplace

Our fast & intuitive on demand grocery app ensures more sales and less hassle for you and for the other store owners. Give your partners and their customers more freedom by giving them the platform with exciting features like advance search, order tracking, inventory management and many more.

Grocery Chain

single store 2

It is easier to maintain and look after the multiple chains through a fast and reliable grocery delivery app. Updating the inventory and synchronising them becomes easy. Moreover multiple chains can be maintained through a single dashboard.

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Get your Online Grocery Delivery App.

Brand Building

Build a strong brand by expanding your reach through our on-demand grocery delivery app. Earn your customer’s loyalty by providing them convenience in service and offers on your offerings.

Efficiency improvement

With automation, improve your processes like inventory management, order delivery and revenue management. Along with this, take the next step in future by using features like real-time order tracking and order scheduling.

Customer Base Expansion

Expand your customer base by removing the geographical barrier through powerful on-demand grocery app which will be customised as per your business needs.

Easy to Manage

Management of your grocery business becomes easy as a lot of things can be managed through an intuitive dashboard which you can customise according to your needs.

More profits

Get more revenue by expanding your customer base which means increase in revenue and thus increase in your profits.

Overhead Reduction

A lot of human errors can be reduced by using our on-demand grocery apps which automates the repetitive processes and thus reduces the overall overhead costs and thus increasing the profit.

Exciting Benefits that boost your business

Give a boost to your business by using our on-demand grocery app solution.

This pandemic has disrupted the way in which grocery business was conducted. Manage your business using powerful on-demand grocery app solution that boost your sales.

Top features of our Grocery App

Customer app

Easy to use features which are seamless and intuitive that makes customers' lives easier

Customers can login via their existing social media accounts.

Customers will get notifications whenever their order is booked.

Customers can cancel their order or reorder the previous orders

Customer can search their desired product using advance search.

This calculates the overall total of the items in the cart.

Customers can track their orders in real-time.

Customers can pay through Credit card, e-wallets, Debit Card, Net banking and various other methods.

Customers can give their feedback in the form of ratings and reviews in the app.

Customers can access details of their previous orders. 

Agent’s App

The agents app that facilitates agents to keep track of their orders for delivery.

Profile Management

Agents can update their profiles by uploading their required information.

Reminders and Alarms

Agents will receive notifications when they are allocated a delivery.

Map Integration

Agents can use maps and find the quickest routes for delivery.

Working Status

Agents can set their status whether they are online or offline.

Earnings Management

Agents can track their earnings and can see their breakdowns by orders.

Order Management

Agents can see orders allocated to them. All at one place.

Admin Panel

A complete panel that enables you to efficiently manage your groceries business.

Agent Management

Admin can manage agents from this dashboard seamlessly.

Manage Listings

You can manage your product listing by adding or removing the items and creating categories, subcategories and tags.

Payment Management

You can track your earnings and set payment methods that you want to offer to your customers

Manage offers

You can set discounts and other offers to boost your sales.

Reporting and Analytics

You can keep track of all the data along with the reports that are really helpful in expanding your business.

Manage Notifications

You can manage what to show your customers on notification.

Benefits that can give a push to your Grocery Business

Get your Online Grocery Delivery App.

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