CMS & CRM Platforms

SBJ Digital has the core value of efficiency. The right CRM and CMS are powerful solutions that we provide to change the way your business works.
Custom Built CMS and CRM Platforms

Whether you are a start-up or you have an established business – we scale our solutions for each of our customers. Our digital marketing solutions have helped businesses to climb on the ladder of growth and improvement over the years. Implementing the right CRM and CMS tools have the power to transform your website. SBJ Digital Team will stand by you to understand your needs and we will build you tailored-fit content management tools to manage and monetise your content.

Dynamic and Intuitive Platform

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is considered as the most jewelled piece of your entire marketing strategy. Our software developing team knows the exact needs and requirements of a sales team and a marketing team, and hence, they will develop an ultra-responsive dashboard that will allow you to tune the views according to you. Whether you need a quick snapshot of all that is in the pipeline for your team or you need to access a client’s information – find everything at one place to facilitate your growth channels.

Content and Workflow Management 

Collaborating and organising your entire team can help you kick start the project in a well-defined manner. Management of content is extremely beneficial for the growth of an organisation. And the work becomes challenging if particularly you have big teams that are working across various departments. It is a barrier that slows down the progress of your work tremendously. CRM and CMS have helped to nurture the productivity along with providing content suggestions to boost your workflow.

Our Offerings

We make tools to help you manage your content across various platforms along with performance tracking to make things easier for you.
Development of SEO Friendly CMS

SEO is important for your business as it helps you in ranking in the Google’s search engine page – that focuses on increasing your visibility in the world of internet so your business gets more and more traffic. We will develop an SEO friendly CMS, which will automatically handle the basic on-page optimisation of the website content. All your Meta tags, alt tags, title tags, URLs, and even the internal linking structure can be efficiently managed by the smart and advanced CMS that we will build for you. Be assured because our team will reach out to you to gather all the information they need before starting the task.

Integration of CRM and CMS

CRM is the lifeline of every organisation that helps them to manage their contacts and keep a solid track of the interactions they had with them. We will integrate the CRM with your existing website so that you get accurate and real-time data. Automated integration of both will save a lot of time and will also reduce the overhead administration. Companies have also reported that seamless integration has led to an increase in productivity. Our team of experts have years of experience in building and setting up CRM that your business can afford.

Application Support & Maintenance

We will never leave your back. We provide application support and maintenance to our clients for bug fixes, corrective maintenance, and production support. Developers at SBJ Digital will constantly provide support to take your business to another level of excellence. For that, you just have to bring in your requirements and budget to us, and we will deliver you the tool that is the most fitting and crucial for your business needs. Through each of our project, we aim to learn something new and implement the learning on our next project.

Fix Broken Functionality

Fixing the broken functionality of a CRM must be done in planned stages for utmost benefits. Finding people who are perfect to handle such situations is quite difficult. Our trained professionals at SBJ Digital don’t take much time to assess the issue and reconfigure the whole system for the highest marketing function. All your web forms and landing pages will be tuned altogether while fixing up the entire system. We will provide you with extraordinary digital experience to help you optimise sales and content – anywhere, anytime – with our easy tools and support for fixing broken functionalities.

Why should you Look Forward to Using our CRM & CMS Development Services?

We will help you choose the right content management system and our content management process is well-defined.
Cost Effectiveness

Hiring human resources as full-time CRM and CMS developers is a little expensive. While investing money in something, startups need to be careful about where their money is going. SBJ Digital has a wide range of development services that are cost effective. Our services will definitely meet your budget and we never compromise on the quality of the services.

Experts with Extensive Experience

We have a team that we are super proud of and they have extensive years of experience of working on content management systems built on popular portals such as Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, Contrexx, Geeklog, Typo3, etc. Our experts will make content easier for people who are not into technical development.

Data Security

We understand how important it is to protect the data that we collect these days to maintain the integrity and architecture of the systems and companies. The information and data shared by our clients are valuable to us. Over the years in the industry, we have shown a commitment to protecting and maintaining the data of our clients.

Quick Delivery

We have always delivered all of our past projects on or before time. We don’t do things in a rush, but experience has made us perfect in what we do. Our dedicated managers follow up their team and constantly update them with guidance and support to make the delivery faster.

Reach out to us

If you need to implement CRM and CMS to manage and evaluate your company’s information management practices and overall goals of your business, then SBJ Digital is the right point of contact. We are one of the best digital marketing companies, not only in India, but we have formed some major international relationship with clients over the years too. Get in touch with us if you need more information.
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